Pendulum Charts
iPhone with pendulum
An app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod

The pendulum is used by many people who wish to enhance their ability to access their intuition. One way to use the pendulum is to specify a few different movements to signify the answer to a question as 'yes', 'no', or 'maybe'.
This common technique is very useful but is limited if you want to make a choice from many possibilites. For example, if you wanted to choose a color, you would have to ask yes or no for every color, a very tedious procedure.
Paper charts have been created to help with this problem. The chart has an array of choices, and the swing of the pendulum points to one of the choices. So you could put about a dozen colors on a chart and get a general color with one pendulum decision. To increase the color options, you could have color ranges on one chart that in turn indicate another chart with those colors as separate choices. There are books available that have charts that are hierarchical to serve this purpose. But using chart books is expensive and inconvenient.
The Pendulum Charts app solves this problem. It provides a convenient and powerful way to maximize the effectiveness of using a pendulum.
Pendulum Charts is an app that expands the power of dowsing with pendulums by providing comprehensive and interactive charts.
The number of choices you can make with one pendulum decision expands from yes, no, maybe to many distinct choices. With interactive charts, you can choose additional charts, thus enabling you to pick one choice from up to thousands of possibilities with just a few pendulum decisions. 
For example, the Color Chart allows you to pick a color from over 1,400 choices in just 2 or 3 pendulum decisions.
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