Pendulum Charts Lite

Pendulum Charts Lite

Pendulum Charts Lite is the free version that gives you an opportunity to determine if this app expands your capacity to use a pendulum effectively. If it does, be sure to check out the Pro version for many additional features.

Features of the App


In depth instructions on how to use a pendulum and use the app.

Built-in Pendulum:

While it is recommended one use a regular pendulum, the app has a built-in pendulum that may be used as an alternative. It works by detecting small changes in how level the device is.

Built-in Charts:

  • Yes/No & Numbers - yes, no, no answer, degrees of positive/negative, percentage. 
  • Chakras - 7 primary chakras with descriptions of each
  • Date & Time - Determine a specific date and/or time
  • Color - over 1,400 colors Letters - choose letters, numbers and punctuation
  • Amount - determine a specific amount in one of 16 different types of measurement
  • Yes Clockwise - yes, no, maybe, no answer
  • Yes Counterclockwise - yes, no, maybe, no answer.
  • Hawkin's Consciousness Map - determine levels of consciousness

Pro Version Available

Pendulum Charts Pro has these additional features:
  • Customize chart colors
  • Design and create your own custom charts
  • A journal for recording readings and notes
  • People Chart - create lists of people, can draw from Contacts
  • Baby Names Chart - over 7,000 names to choose from
  • Letting Go Chart - process charts for letting go of unwanted patterns
  • I Ching Chart - do readings using the ancient Chinese Book of Changes
  • Bach Flowers Chart - find the best Flower Remedies for out of balance emotional states

Requirements: An iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running on iOS 9 or later.