Pendulum Charts Pro

The pro version of Pendulum Charts gives you the ability to expand your chart collection to include special premium charts, and to create your own custom charts. It also includes a journal for recording your readings.

Features of the App


In depth instructions on how to use a pendulum and use the app.

Built-in Pendulum:

While it is recommended one use a regular pendulum, the app has a built-in pendulum that may be used as an alternative. It works by detecting small changes in how level the device is.

Built-in Charts:

  • Yes/No & Numbers – yes, no, no answer, degrees of positive/negative, percentage. 
  • Chakras – 7 primary chakras with descriptions of each
  • Date & Time – Determine a specific date and/or time
  • Color – over 1,400 colors Letters – choose letters, numbers and punctuation
  • Amount – determine a specific amount in one of 16 different types of measurement
  • Yes Clockwise – yes, no, maybe, no answer
  • Yes Counterclockwise – yes, no, maybe, no answer.
  • Hawkin’s Consciousness Map – determine levels of consciousness
  • People – create lists of people, can draw from Contacts
  • Baby Names – over 7,000 names to choose from
  • Letting Go – process chart for letting go of unwanted patterns
  • I Ching Chart – do readings using the ancient Chinese Book of Changes
  • Bach Flowers Chart – find the best Flower Remedies for out of balance emotional states

Custom Charts:

You can design and create your own custom charts. Also you can customize the colors in the built-in charts.


You can keep a record of your pendulum readings with comments.

Free Version Available

Pendulum Charts Lite is a free version that includes the basic features of the app. It does not include some of the built-in charts, the journal, or the ability to add and edit charts.

Requirements: An iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running on iOS 9 or later.