The Art of Change

The art of change begins with the capacity to manage energy. It is energy that catalyzes change. And energy flows where attention goes. It is this power of the mind that explains the power of intent that is properly engaged. Keep in mind that energy is controlled by both conscious and unconscious attention. In truth, most things are controlled at the unconscious level. The conscious mind is only a tiny tip of the iceberg.

Because the pendulum is a great tool for accessing the unconscious, it can also be used to implant intent for change and then monitor the process that is set in motion.

In general there are two orientations. One is calling in resources to support and facilitate one’s intent. The other is to call in support for the removal of obstacles to one’s intent. These can be called Manifesting and Clearing respectively.

A very good book on this topic is Techniques that Work for Me by Raymon Grace. He does a good job of describing many typical situations and how the pendulum can play a role in facilitating the desired change.

The first step is to determine what is needed. Do you need to call something in for Manifesting, or do you need to do a Clearing to remove some form of negativity? Next, determine what resources are best suited to help with the situation. Then calling on those resources, plant your intent, relax, and use the pendulum to track the process.

Typically the pendulum will rotate clockwise for Manifesting and counterclockwise for Clearing. This is just a convention however and other movements may work better for you. Simply wait for the movement to stop or change direction which signals the intention has been fully engaged. This technique is simple, subtle, and powerful.